Tips for Choosing Project Carpets

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Project carpets are lately in high demand because of their hygienic and dirt-resistant qualities. Here’s what you should look out for when choosing project carpets;

New Concept – Project Carpet

Initially, people tend to think that applying project carpets in living areas is just too much since they cover the entire floor when they are applied. But, when the color selection is done wisely, the carpet will just blend in with the environment and create a nice and cozy look. This type of carpet is often seen in restaurants, hotels, and marinas. However, recently it started conquering private dwellings. The color of the carpet will add a nice touch to the interior design, but keep in mind that the type of thread and texture are as important as the color. You’ll surely find an option that fits your tastes the most.


Application Area Matters

There are a lot of things you should look out for during the application of the carpet, because when applied correctly it makes all the difference. The application area is as important as the carpet itself to create a comfortable floor. First of all, the application area should be absolutely smooth and decent. Concrete and wooden leftovers from the floor construction might cause uneven positioning. After a while, carpet’s surface will suffer the consequences of unequal pressure distribution and start breaking apart. The area shouldn’t be damp. Also make sure to clean off any chemical waste.

Choosing Color for Project Carpets

The project carpets are comfortable for sure. But it’s also equally important that the carpet is in harmony with its environment – be it your home or your office. The colors and patterns matter. The project carpets used in hotels usually include bright colors and futuristic geometric shapes. In libraries, however, rather matte colors and simple geometric shapes are preferred to create a tranquil space.


What About Cleaning?

It’s important that the carpet is dirt-resistant, since project carpets are usually used in very crowded places. Polyamid threads used in project carpets are dirt-resistant and offer maximum hygiene. A normal carpet looks absolutely clean after a clean-up, because the dirt is pushed to the bottom. The carpet will only get its color back, which doesn’t really mean that it’s clean. In this sense, polyamide carpets are very different. They are dirt-resistant and will give you the absolute convenience regarding cleaning.




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