The Intersection of Modern and Traditional: Confetti Carpets

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First carpets are thought to be woven by Turks in Central Asia dating back to the Great Seljuk
Empire. These carpets have different meaning behind every pattern and have been around since
5-6th BC. These patterns and models have been specifically designed by people to express their
social status, wishes, needs, desires, beliefs, expectations, marital status, marriage ceremonies,
migration, natural disasters, sadness, happiness, longing, love, separation.

For example, Elibelinde (hands on hips) is a symbol of femininity. Not only does it represent
motherhood and fertility, but also represents good luck, abundance, fortune, happiness and joy.
Cleat motif represents manhood and has been affiliated with strength throughout history. The
human motif we usually see in Anatolian crafts represents children. When these motifs are woven
in the carpets, they represent a wish for a child or a wistful longing for a loved one abroad. Many
motifs like these have traveled through time and reached to our daily life today.

The modern touches are on the rise today. However, there are still a considerable amount of
people who stick to traditional pieces. People from all age groups are using these traditional
carpets. Even at some hotels, you can see the effects of this traditional taste. Some hotels have
their roots set in the past, but their concepts are aligned with the trends today.

Some hotels are established very recently, however, they also might have traditional taste when it
comes to design. What’s interesting about these hotels is that they combine the old and the new
together. When furniture is simple, the living spaces are peaceful and spacious. Intricate designs
make visitors eyestrain and affect the overall atmosphere negatively. Simple and elegant furniture
are always interesting. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to use simple and elegant
carpets for your hotels. We offer both modern and traditional carpets, all high-quality and elegant.
We combine today’s elegance and simplicity with traditional motifs. We aim to satisfy our
customers needs by offering wall-to-wall carpet options that come with both modern and
traditional designs.

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