The Essential of The Winter

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Close to big cities such as İstanbul and Ankara, Bolu Kartalkaya is very conveniently located. The
beautiful nature makes it a go-to destination for ski and snowboard lovers. The transportation is
relatively easy and manageable through the winter months, which makes it even more appealing to
winter sports enthusiasts. Even though snow plays a huge part in its identity, Kartalkaya is not just
a winter destination. Come summer, people start flocking to the area for a good hike. The snow
thickness reaches up to 3 meters in Kartalkaya, and the top elevation is around 2200 meters. Bolu
Kartalkaya’s hotels are located at around 2000 meters.


Bolu Kartalkaya has a very convenient location with its proximity to major cities such as Istanbul
and Ankara. Its beautiful nature makes it a preferred route for ski and snowboard lovers. In winter,
transportation is easier than other winter sports centers, making it more interesting for enthusiasts.
Although it gets its popularity from snow and winter tourism, Kartalkaya is not just a winter
destination. In the summer months, it is among the places that people frequent for a nice nature
walk. Snow thickness in Kartalkaya reaches 3 meters and the highest elevation to 2200 meters.
Bolu Kartalkaya hotels are located at an altitude of 2000 meters.

The hotels are home to winter sports lovers who fill the area with their skies, snowboards, and
sledges. Dorukkaya Ski & Mountain Resort, part of Kaya Hotels & Resorts, is one of the hotels with
the highest occupancy rate in Kartalkaya with its quality service.

An important travel destination, Dorukkaya Ski & Mountain Resort offers all-inclusive services.
Dorukkaya Ski & Mountain Resort has rooms that come with either mountain or ski-runs and aims
to provide spectacular experiences.

The rooms are designed for your comfort, the restaurant and bars all offer feasts of taste, and the
spa center cures you off your tiredness. Dorukkaya Ski & Mountain Resort offers everything you
need to have a peaceful vacation surrounded by snow. Dorukkaya Ski & Mountain Resort worked
with Onur Halı and Confetti Carpets to redecorate its lobby. This is one of the best hotels in the
Confetti Carpets products changed Dorukkaya Ski & Mountain Resort’s atmosphere altogether.
The products were designed specifically for the hotel’s ambiance. The patterns and colors were
selected to create a cozy atmosphere and were well-received by the guests.
Confetti Carpets products specially designed for the ambience of the hotel completely change the
atmosphere of Dorukkaya Ski & Mountain Resort. The patterns and colors chosen to create a cozy
atmosphere are greatly appreciated by the guests.

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