Special Project Carpets for Hotels

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Manufacturing bathroom mats since 1994, Confetti is now focused on a new line of product: wall-to-wall and project carpets. The company currently exports its wall-to-wall carpets all around the world.

Confetti Carpet has been manufacturing bathroom mats since 1994. The company started manufacturing wall-to-wall and project carpets in 2014 and to provide services to establishments in the tourism industry. Currently exporting wall-to-wall carpets to hotels across the world, Confetti also manufactures bathroom mats, children’s carpets, and hall mats.

The company’s Board Member Sinan Çelebi says, “By investmenting in wall-to-wall carpets which are aimed to be used at hotels, we’ve made a room for ourselves in the tourism industry. Our products are custom-made and manufactured in accordance with quality standards. They are made of durable threads, imported from Europe. These carpets are also lint-free and inflammable. They are chosen because they are long-lasting, they supress odor and manufactured in accordance with quality standards.”

Inflammable Products

Çelebi stated that they’ve created a special design team for project carpets. He added that those project carpets are inflammable and can be manufactured in a wide range of qualities according to the application area, “We design variety of alternatives for hotels, they chose among those and we manufacture accordingly. We deliver the products shortly after.” About the company’s 2015 export targets, Çelebi stated that, “We’ve completed 2014 very succesfully. We’ve reached %90 of our budget goal. We aim to be increase our popularity in the coming year and make a prominent room for our company in the industry. We’ll soon be investing in a new line of product: grass carpets. That’s why we’ll be focusing on market research in 2015. There’s a very significant potential abroad regarding project carpets. Project carpets are especially used in developing countries and countries which invest in construction. Countries in the Middle East are among our most prominent customers.”