London in İstanbul: Confetti Carpets in The Townhouse

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Confetti Carpets continues to decorate İstanbul’s most elegant spaces offering unique designs and
high quality. Confetti Carpet products come in a rich variety of models and colors and can be used
for many concepts and projects. Now, Confetti Carpets is here to introduce a new collaboration.
The Townhouse, the new British of İstanbul’s Asian Side, chose to welcome guests with Confetti

The Townhouse offers a cozy atmosphere, in line with the British pub culture. Combined with a
cozy and comfortable atmosphere, The Townhouse’s high-quality design makes it one of the Asian
Side’s most highbrow and trendy places. Opened doors to the customers in April 2021 in Suadiye,
the Townhouse collaborated with Confetti Carpets and created a high-quality and comfortable

Comfortable Pub Experience With Confetti Carpets: The Townhouse

Inspired by highbrow gastro pubs, The Townhouse offers a cozy atmosphere and feels like it has
always been around. Offering a real British bar experience, The Townhouse is cozy and
comfortable, and the furniture and accessories are perfectly combined with elegant Confetti
Carpets products.

Perfection in the Bar and the Kitchen: The Townhouse

The Townhouse not only offers a modern and comfortable atmosphere for the guests; but its bar
and kitchen also make it one of the most ambitious places in İstanbul. The British of İstanbul’s
Asian Side, The Townhouse’s menu proves that it is not just any other place to go eat and drink.
The Townhouse offers a rich menu standing loyal to the origin of traditional British pubs. As a
gastro bar, it introduces London’s culture to İstanbul.

Conclusion: The Townhouse’s Elegant Gastro Bar Concept and Confetti Carpets Quality

For those who are looking for a part of London in Suadiye, The Townhouse is the best place to go,
captivating guests with a high-quality menu and cozy atmosphere. You’ll experience comfort and
elegance inspired by the gastro pubs of the British culture; experience delicious taste with the
exceptional menu, and see how Confetti Carpets complement the overall atmosphere.

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