Confetti Is Becoming a Global Brand!

By March 16, 2020 March 10th, 2022 No Comments

Confetti continues to grow the volume of manufacture in wall-to-wall business, which the company made a serious financial investment. As of 2019 the company’s export network has already reached 30+ countries, however the list keeps getting longer. Applying wall-to-wall carpets in hotels in Dubai, Croatia, Macedonia, and Montenegro, Confetti has a strong hand in becoming a global brand.

Inflammable Carpet Models Draw Attention…

Confetti keeps up the hard work with its project team, designing project carpets for special projects. Among those are wall-to-wall project carpets, offering a rich variety of color and model options, which make the company the go-to brand for many hotels and architectural projects. Confetti Carpet also prioritizes safety by eliminating the risk of fire by manufacturing inflammable products. Anti-allergic, anti-static, and anti-bacterial Confetti products also eliminate possible microbic health problems in crowded areas. Confetti products are durable and they don’t become deformed over the years. Confetti offers a rich variety of carpets which differ in pile weigths, making it easier for you to decide the best one suitable to make you comfortable.

Confetti’s wall-to-wall carpets are sold all around the world and are often used in hotels and architectural projects. Confetti wall-to-wall carpets offer a rich variety of color and model options!