Confetti Focuses on Grass Carpet Manufacture

By March 16, 2020 No Comments

Confetti Carpet was established in 1994, manufacturing bathroom mats. In 2013, it drew a lot of attention by manufacturing wall-to-wall carpets. Confetti is now ready to manufacture grass carpets. In 2014, the company invested in this new line of business, and the company’s Board Membet Sinan Çelebi states that, “In the Spring of 2015, we’ll be ready to start manufacturing grass carpets. Our next plan is to manufacture turf. We’re also investing in a lot of other areas to extend our product range and develop our manufacturing technology.” Exporting its products to over 40 countries including United Arab Emirates, Russia, England, USA, and Germany, Confetti also makes sure its products are available all over Turkey.

Çelebi also states that Confetti is way ahead of the game in the industry when it comes to bathroom mats, “Regarding carpets, Confetti holds a significant place in the industry. We’re expecting a serious increase in export in 2015. We aim to continue to carry out our activities in accordance with the company’s vision and make sure to contribute to the national economy in the meanwhile. That said, we’ll make sure to continue to protect our place in the market where we’re the market leader, and continue developing what needs to be developed.”

Çelebi highlighted that they want their company to become a significant brand when it comes to home textile, and added, “Since the day of its establishment, Confetti worked with a professional team and is fast becoming a market leader in home textile industry across the world. As Confetti, we try to make sure that each and every product we manufacture is modern and elegant. Our products include a special sole which makes them non-slip. They are also wear-resistant and lint-free, hence long-lasting. Made of polyamide, they are anti-allergic and anti-static. Wall-to-wall project carpets are inflammable -which minimizes the risk of fire related accidents in crowded places such as schools, hotels, mosques, and restaurants.