Confetti Carpets Touch on the Historic Silk Road

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Confetti Carpets Touch on the Historic Silk Road

Confetti Carpets Comfort at Rixos Turkistan, Offering a Magnificent Accommodation Opportunity on the Historic Silk Road

Each decorative element plays a crucial role to ensure the perfection of harmony in hotel design. You can create the first impressions of your guests by welcoming them in a way that appeals to their eyes for comfort, quality and peace they will experience during their stay at your hotel. You can reinforce the magnificence of your space with high-quality hotel carpets in motifs and colors suitable for the hotel’s concept.

Hotel carpets of Confetti Carpets continue to undertake national and international projects by offering quality, ease of use and rich design options. Rixos Turkistan, located on the historical Silk Road and serving as a bridge between the New City and the Old City, is one of those who prefer to complement the comfort and elegance it provides to the guests with Confetti Carpets.

Welcome your guests with Confetti Carpets in a way that appeals to their eyes!

It is crucial to start with the lobby design, where you first welcome your guests in order to offer them a comfortable accommodation experience. The quality and harmony of each decorative element in the lobby is as important as the style and attitude of your staff who will welcome your guests. In order to ensure that your guests leave your hotel satisfied, attention should be paid to decoration and selection of the structure and quality of the hotel carpet, which is one of the most important decorative items.

Rixos Turkistan’s lobby design manages to attract attention, as well as its 121 modern and spacious rooms on a 1,250 square meter functional area, a luxurious ballroom designed for prestigious city events, three meeting rooms, and a comprehensive spa center. Emphasizing unity and hospitality with the decorative Tai Kazan symbol, Rixos Turkistan revitalizes the ancient city with a rich history by blending it with the modernity of the new era.

Confetti Carpets Touch in Rixos Turkistan’s Impressive Interior Design

Starting from its lobby and impressing its guests, Rixos Turkistan is the first international hotel in Turkistan and is perfect for those who seek comfort, peace, and luxury in their accommodation. The magnificent design of Rixos Turkistan, where the symbol of unity and hospitality is met with Tai Kazan, where the traces of history and the touch of modernity are experienced together with the touch of Confetti Carpets.

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