Confetti Carpets in the Heart of Manama

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Confetti Carpets rugs continue to make a difference with the elegance they add to global designs. Offering a dreamlike accommodation in the heart of Manama, Confetti Carpets plays the role of completing the unique design of Waterbay with modern and special designs.

Located in the Gulf of Bahrain, the most prestigious island of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Waterbay offers comfort and peace to the visitors with luxurious design, magnificent gulf view, and central location. Rugs projected by Confetti Carpets are used in Waterbay, where every little detail is considered, from the harmony of interior and exterior architecture to the opportunity to reach the popular shopping centers in the vicinity by water taxi via the Bay of Bahrain. Confetti Carpets rugs, which enhance the value of this special hotel, are designed with a water motif as a reflection of the beauty of the calm waters of the Gulf of Bahrain.

Special Designs of Confetti Carpets

Hotel carpets of Confetti Carpets are specially designed for different projects with their unique color and pattern variety. Quality and durability are unchanging features of Confetti Carpets products, with the traditional, modern, minimalist, and luxurious motifs suitable for different designs. Confetti Carpets decorates Waterbay’s minimalist and stylish interior in this unique project. Confetti Carpets offers solutions for a variety of needs in modern hotels, including easy cleaning, sound insulation, and thermal insulation; and impresses with stylish designs tailored to specific projects.

Confetti Carpets Motifs in Harmony of Interior and Exterior Design

Harmony between the amazing view seen through the wide and spacious windows of Waterbay and the interior decoration is the most prominent feature of this project. Confetti Carpets hotel rugs accompany this magnificent ambiance where indoor and outdoor are experienced together with their quality and elegance. Confetti Carpets provides a modern complementary style to the majestic Waterbay by designing carpets that represent the unique Gulf of Bahrain and are in harmony with the water pattern on the ceiling.

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