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Bebek Hotel proudly carries its decades-long quality into the present and continues to serve as a model business with values it represents. Opened for business on a whim, the hotel deserves a special praise for keeping its customer potential high throughout years.



One of the gems that decorate the Bosphorus waterfront, Bebek Hotel dates back to 1947. Its foundation was laid by a radical decision Muammer Karamanoğlu made. The owner of a silk factory in Bursa, Karamanoğlu decided to sell his business, move out to İstanbul, and buy a building by the Bosphorus which would later become part of Bebek Hotel.


In 1950, Karamanoğlu bought the land right next to the building he had purchased earlier and built another building. In the following years, he decided to combine the two buildings and start a hotel business. The building complex was opened as a boutique hotel with 21 rooms in 1955. It soon became an essential destination for Istanbulites.

When Muammer Karamanoğlu passed away in 1967, his wife and two sons took over the business. In 1969, his wife also passed away. His two sons continued to run his hotel. In 1976, Günsu Incorporated Company took over the hotel’s business operation. The hotel had been run by Günsu, a company owned by Ruhi Su’s son Güngör Su. Bebek Hotel inspired tons of people, served as a beautiful backdrop to lots of photos, and had been home to unforgettable memories since the 1950s. Now it has been reinvented by The Stay. Located in İstanbul’s most elegant and historically charged neighborhood Bebek, the hotel has been redesigned by Mahmut Anlar, who performed beautifully and created a prudent work in the hotel’s timeless rooms which offer panoramas of the Bosphorus.


The unique located Bebek Hotel uses Confetti Carpets’ custom-made carpets which create a
perfect harmony of old and new, past and present.


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