In 1994, we stepped into the industry by manufacturing bathroom mats. In 2014, we were already a prominent establishment within the industry with the addition of wall-to-wall carpets and an annual production capacity of 4,800,000
square meters of carpets.

At the Düzce Integrated Facility, which spreads across 72.000 square meters, we continue to provide services with 250 employees.

We invested in the manufacture of Project Carpets to offer fast and original solutions to hotels’ needs.

As a preferred company in the carpet and home textile industry, we have been taking firm steps towards our aim to sustain our success, extend our aims, and achieve our goals since the day of our establishment.

Within the scope of Confetti brand,we manufacture Bathroom Mats, Children’s and Educational Institution Carpets, Decorative Mats and Runners. We reach 250 different locations in Turkey and we are proud to be a brand that is known and preferred all over the world. ”



With our increasing business volume, we continue to make innovative investments and create new brands. Çelebizade Mosque Carpets and Dormitory Carpets , is a project which made the best of the competition within the industry and turned it into an opportunity.

In 2015, Confetti extended the scope of its operations and started manufacturing artificial lawns. Confetti achieved improvement in product range and technology through works focused on continuous development. Now, it is a reliable solution partner for those who wish to use artificial lawn in sports fields or living areas.


We offer affordable original products which are manufactured with expertise and the safest technological infrastructure. We share the richest and the most current product information with you. We also have the means to provide the fastest delivery.